The Brain/ Sleep Connection

There is more and more research that tells us about the important connection between optimal brain functioning and sleep.  The link below updates some important information about why we might not be functioning at our highest level ever if our sleep is disrupted or for that matter, non-existent.  The bottom line…naps are ok and sleep is essential for the proper function of our brain cells

NPR Sleep Link 

Joy Now Arts Project

The Joy Now Arts Project
excites and
engages youth
through music and performance arts-centered programs
that value
positive collaboration,
self-awareness, and social change.

So why am I sharing this information on My Life Travels? Joe and I have been involved with the March Fourth Marching Band. Through our contacts, we learned about a youth arts organization that is a possible spring-board for students to who might want to become part of the March Fourth Organization.

Recently, I have volunteered to maintain their webpage.  Yes, it will be a long distance arrangement with the organization in Oregon and me in Florida.  However, I have often said of the last few years that you can do a job from anywhere with the global connection that are in place in our infrastructure now.
Ginny ( my daughter) and I do hope to go and volunteer at one of the summer camps…maybe even next summer…but in the meantime I am practicing global outreachas I support this organization from afar.

Joy Now Link

 Let’s make a practice of having Joy Now in our lives each day.

Focus: Playing with your brain cells


 As time moves along, your brain  is overloaded with multitude of pieces of information. I have always been interested in honing my focus and attention to detail. I have found a fun, interactive program that has given me the tools to do just that. The program is a research based brain program called Luminosity. There is an opportunity to try it free and then there are often discounts that might entice you to participate more fully.   This is not a sales pitch!!!
The program is just a fun way to keep your brain stimulated.
Click the link below to check out Luminosity


Brain work

This is an interesting article about your brain.  If you don’t see the movement…I am concerned.

Click on the link below.

Visual Spinning

“Rotating Snakes”

This illusion was invented in 2003 by Akiyoshi Kitaoka of Ritsumeikan University in Japan

Embracing Our Differences, Sarasota, Florida

This is the first year in the last eight years that I have not taken a class of students to the Embracing Our Differences Art Display.  I did go with Joe last weekend and it was wonderful ,as always.    I have worked with students  in the past to submit entries. We didn’t win but it was still a great experience.   I am already planning a submission for next year.

Here are a few images from the event.

Embracing Our Differences Website

March Fourth Marching Band….out of Portland, Oregon

Can you imagine becoming a groupie in your retirement years?  Last November, 2011, Joe and I were fortunate to come across a band that was playing in Tampa.  We decided to go and see them. What a great idea that was!  March Fourth is an amazingly energetic, talented group of people who exude positive vibrations in all ways.  We have since seen the band in Tucson and San Diego in 2012.  We contributed to the Kick Start Campaign that allowed the group to purchase a new bus to travel across the country sharing their music.  We feel privileged to know these performers and we hope to see them again in Florida in November.  Will you join us?   More to follow


           March Fourth Marching Band Website