Joy Now Arts Project

The Joy Now Arts Project
excites and
engages youth
through music and performance arts-centered programs
that value
positive collaboration,
self-awareness, and social change.

So why am I sharing this information on My Life Travels? Joe and I have been involved with the March Fourth Marching Band. Through our contacts, we learned about a youth arts organization that is a possible spring-board for students to who might want to become part of the March Fourth Organization.

Recently, I have volunteered to maintain their webpage.  Yes, it will be a long distance arrangement with the organization in Oregon and me in Florida.  However, I have often said of the last few years that you can do a job from anywhere with the global connection that are in place in our infrastructure now.
Ginny ( my daughter) and I do hope to go and volunteer at one of the summer camps…maybe even next summer…but in the meantime I am practicing global outreachas I support this organization from afar.

Joy Now Link

 Let’s make a practice of having Joy Now in our lives each day.


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